what kind of paint for plywood

What Kind of Paint for Plywood – Discover What Type of Paint to Use

Are you looking for the best guide on what kind of paint for plywood? Among woods that are difficult to paint, because of the specificity of its manufacture, plywood is a textbook case. Widely used for the house or boats, it requires, unlike other materials of the same type, a particular painting.

Fortunately, with us, you will discover all the secrets of plywood painting, and you will not hesitate to use this wood with great qualities.

Plywood Paint: Criteria of Choice

Plywood is a wood-based panel obtained by gluing several layers of veneers, called plies, in an odd number, whose cohesion is ensured by gluing and hot pressing.

Moreover, the thickness of a panel varies between 1 and 50 mm. The main species used for its manufacture are :

  • Okoume, an exotic wood
  • Poplar
  • Maritime pine

Before choosing a paint suitable for plywood, it is necessary to distinguish between the different types of products available on the market. It will enable you to choose a paint corresponding to each quality. The different types are:

  • Classic Plywood (CTBS and CTBC)
  • The CTBS being sold most of the time to private individuals
  • The CTBC of superior quality for professionals
  • The marine plywood or CTBH (good behavior to humidity), for deckwork
  • The plywood with film to paint

Therefore, the plywood paint will thus have to adapt to these different qualities of panels.

The Different Types of Paint for Plywood

Depending on the quality of the panel, you can choose between different types of paint. They are:

Classic Paint

If you wish to paint with a classic, acrylic or glycerol type of paint, you must first apply an undercoat to the panel you want to paint.

If you opt for acrylic, you will choose an undercoat on interior wood. On the other hand, if you choose a glycerol, the first coat of this product diluted 10 or 20%, with white spirit will be used as an undercoat.

Then, we will proceed to the painting process:

Once the undercoat is perfectly dry, you should sand the surface with medium grit sandpaper.

Then, pass a first coat of paint with a roller, let it dry and sand again delicately with fine-grained sandpaper.

Apply a second coat with a roller also if the first one does not cover enough. You should then sand again with fine-grained sandpaper.

Marine Paint

Coloring can be done with renovation paint for floors and stairs, which is a recent product with elastic qualities. You can use it to paint many types of wood, such as marine plywood, laminate or OSB. It has high impact and dirt resistance qualities, and you can apply it with a lacquer roller.

Moreover, it is the most economical product, ideal for interior use.

If you wish to paint marine plywood exposed to the weather, or installed in a damp room such as a bathroom, you will find a special paint for painting boats in hardware stores.

It is a very expensive product, which is diluted at 25% and you must apply on a panel previously treated with a specific primer, also sold in shops for boat equipment.

Plywood Paint with Paint Film

Plywood with paint film has a completely smooth surface that makes it easy to paint. You can paint it in a traditional way. That is after preparation with an undercoat for a smooth surface, and a traditional glycerol or acrylic paint.

In addition, it is also possible to use a multi support acrylic paint, or a colored resin without having to use an undercoat.


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