what kind of paint to use for exterior metal door

What Kind of Paint to Use for Exterior Metal Door – The Best Guide

Do you want to know what kind of paint to use for exterior metal door? Good days are favorable for the execution of some jobs that you must carry out outdoors. One of them is the repainting of ironwork, such as exterior doors, railings, fences, windows, and fixtures with metal frames.

Iron is a material with high tenacity and mechanical resistance, characteristics that make it suitable for the realization of outdoor works.

However, as for all materials, the action of atmospheric agents as well as the passage of time also subject the iron to degradation.

If you’re looking for the best paint to use on your metal exterior door, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Paints For Exterior Metal Doors

we’ll share with you the best paints for exterior metal doors. Click on the links to check the price on Amazon:

  1. Rust-Oleum, Cranberry, Door Paint
  2. Rust-Oleum Black Stops Rust Protective Enamel
  3. Giani Wood Look Paint Kit for Front & Interior Doors
  4. KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint
  5. Wood Look Paint Kit for Garage Doors

What Kind of Paint to Use for Exterior Metal Door

If the paint which covers the iron is in good condition, simply degrease the surface with a special detergent, and proceed with the new painting. However, if rust is present, it becomes more difficult..

Iron, like other metals, tends to oxidize, for example, to bind with the oxygen present in the environment. Therefore, if forms iron oxide, which is nothing more than rust.

Water plays an important role in this process, and acts as a catalyst, which gives iron its characteristic reddish color.

If there is rust on the iron, it is therefore necessary to remove it before moving on to painting. That is because it reduces the thickness of the material, and its toughness over time.

What Kind of Paint to Use for Exterior Metal Door

If the existing paint is in bad condition, it is important to remove it first using one of the different techniques available. Whichever one you choose, don’t forget to wear glasses and mask to protect yourself from splinters.

The first method is to use a scraper to remove the incoherent paint parts, and then brush and sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Another technique is to use a chemical paint remover to apply with a brush, usually with a gel consistency, so that it does not drip.

You should apply several coats, in thick, and regular layers (2 – 3 mm). Then, leave it to work for 3 to 30 minutes depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. Wait until the surface appears in its natural state, which you recognize by its dark color.

Finally, you can use a drill that has a circular metal brush or a special sander.

On the other hand, you can obtain the same result using a blowtorch and spatula. However, this type of intervention is is ideal for professionals.

If you notice that there are areas or cavities with corrosion, fill them with iron putty, using a putty knife. Use the blade of the knife to remove the access part, so that you have a perfectly smooth surface.

Once you restore the surface to its natural state, clean it with a wire brush and turpentine. Then, after it dries perfectly, apply two coats of anti-rust paint.

What Kind of Paint to Use for Exterior Metal Door – Iron Painting

Now let’s move on to the actual painting: in case we work on new iron, you will find grease covering it. So before passing the rust inhibitor, you should degrease it with a cloth that you soak in trielin or turpentine.

In the case of work on iron with paint, the first thing to do is paint stripping.

It is important not to let too much time elapse from the application of the rust inhibitor. That means you should proceed immediately with the painting.

Apply two coats of paint with opaque or glossy colored enamel, synthetic or water-based. They should be spread over several hours.

This is usually 24 hours for synthetic enamel, and 6 hours for water-based enamel. In all cases, however, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging.

Among the iron products that you can repaint are radiators. In this case, it is necessary to choose special enamels for radiators. They are particularly elastic products that resist well to the alternation of different temperature cycles.

Choice of Color

The choice of color for the iron depends on the predominant colors in the house. However, there are general indications that are worth considering.

For example, the action of light tends to affect colors such as red and blue, and therefore tend to fade earlier.

Black is the most masking color and the one on which the first spots of rust are least noticeable, but perhaps not everyone will like it.

White, in all its many variants, resists the action of the sun very well, but any rust spots are immediately noticeable.

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