What Paint Colors Hide Imperfections

What Paint Colors Hide Imperfections – The Best Effect Paints to Use

If you are finding it difficult to know what paint colors hide imperfections, then this article is for you. Effect paints offer personality and prestige to your interior. Ideal to customize your decoration, effect paints meet your desires of authenticity and naturalness.

You can apply them on any support, even damaged. They can hide any surface imperfections, whatever they are. Thus, no more pure and smooth white walls, and make way for textured walls, full of history or escape.

Chic, effect paints are back! A taste of authenticity, a return to the earth or a trompe-l’oeil mirage, effect paintings are in the air of time.

An uneven relief or a faded patina are as many “defects” that give a particular charm to your interior. So today, you can take advantage of them, all the more so as the application methods have become simpler, with choices of textures more and more diversified.

What Paint Colors Hide Imperfections – The Best Choices

Whatever color you paint, choose the type of paint that helps those imperfections stand out. Flat or matte paints are best for smoothing over imperfections on furniture, walls, and wood surfaces. Minimize bumps, hide cracks and bruises in your walls by painting them with a flat or matte finish.

These are our favorite paints for hiding imperfections (click the image to check price on Amazon):

Which Paint Colors Hide  Imperfections – Escape to the Room with Blue Lime

It’s still a holiday in that room with the blue Mediterranean wall. Very practical, you can apply matt lime with a spalter and offer a rendering with irregularities, with a very particular charm. The blue color, dense and luminous, invites you to escape to the Greek islands.

Paint Colors that Hide Imperfections – Concrete Effect Paint for a Loft-Style Living Room

Ideal for creating a loft-style decor, concrete effect paint perfectly imitates a waxed concrete effect. Moreover, you can apply it on any type of surface in a single coat. Thanks to its small shiny particles that give it an iridescent aspect, it attracts light, thus avoiding the cold side of concrete.

Best Paint Colors to Hide Imperfections – A Salon of Character Dressed In Dark and Cloudy Coatings

Stucco style, these thick coatings allow the colors of the walls to reveal their intensity. Furthermore, as in the countryside, the “old” effect of the paint reinforces the authenticity of the living room. Note: the choice of two dark colors on the main walls redraws the volumes of the room, and brings a real modernity to the living room space.

Glitter Paint Makes The Kitchen Shine!

Do you want a shiny wall without falling into flashiness? It’s possible with the new glitter paint, an additive to mix with your paint. As a result, the kitchen wall is slightly iridescent while remaining matt, glittering but with subtlety.

Immaculate, the Kitchen Relies On a Cloudy, Tone-On-Tone Coating

Adopt the cloud effect in the kitchen. You should apply it with a spalter in criss-cross movements, the tinted plaster is reminiscent of a summer sky. Its irregular marbled appearance brings a touch of authenticity to the walls for a warmer kitchen.

A Waxed Concrete Effect Painting in an Urban Living Room

Double use, the effect paint is mixed. Smooth, you get a clear-waxed concrete effect on the wall. Moreover, if you apply it with a float, it creates changing reflections on the wall to obtain more pronounced reliefs.

A Metallic Paint for a Neo-Industrial Office

Like a trompe-l’oeil, this rustic wood paneling becomes modern once you dress it with metallic paint. Revisited with a shiny effect whitewash, it captures and reflects light better. Imitating metal, the whitewash guarantees an urban and contemporary loft atmosphere.

Bring a Touch of Sunshine with a Yellow Tadelakt

Oriental escape guaranteed with this warm tone paint. To obtain a tadelakt effect worthy of the most beautiful Moroccan riads, the wall is covered with a waxed coating to be tinted. Colored in warm yellow, the walls evoke the sun and the sweetness of life. Once you wax it, the tadelakt offers a soft and satin touch that reflects the light.

A Gold Paint to Sublimate the Entrance

If you cover woodwork with a gold metallic effect paint, it becomes precious. Obtained with a mix of colors combined with metallic powders, the gold glaze offers a stunning decorative effect. With its matte finish, it makes walls and doors shine with refinement.

A Red Tadelakt Painting in an Oriental Corner

To find natural walls as they were in the past, opt for a clay wall coating. For more intensity, choose red earth colors inspired by faraway countries, as deep as they are warm. Sandblasted, the paint can be worked smoothly, for a more uniform result, or crosswise, for a very raised rendering.

Chic, The Stone Effect Lime Warms Up The Dining Room!

Inspired by Travertine (a Roman stone), the decorative mineral-effect cladding gives style to the dining room. Offering an uneven rendering, it enhances the relief of the wall and is accentuated by paint movements similar to claw marks.

A Tadelakt Coating for a Natural Bathroom

You can create an urban atmosphere in the bathroom with a grey resin effect coating. Modern, the rough concrete effect gives a real character to the bathroom. But the coating is above all ultra-covering. You can apply it  without an undercoat, on any surface. In addition, it is very robust and resistant to both humidity and heat. Protecting the wall as much as it decorates it, it is the ideal coating for a bathroom.

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