what paint hides imperfections best

What Paint Hides Imperfections Best – Why Matt Acrylic Paint is The Best

Do you want to know what paint hides imperfections best? When renovating your walls, it is important to choose the products according to the surface and appearance you desire. However, you may find it difficult to choose the best finish if your wall has small irregularities.

If the imperfections are too generalized or too visible, no paint will be able to cover them. It means you will have to carry out preparations such as coating and sanding before painting. Matt, satin, or shiny? Follow our advice to help you choose your paint finish.

What Paint Hides Imperfections Best?

Matt Acrylic Paint – The Anti-Blemish Ally

Matte paint is becoming more and more popular today. Its many advantages make it the best option to hide imperfections. Let us look at why you should choose it.

– Matt finish paint does not reflect light but absorbs it. This gives a room an effect of depth, especially if you opt for strong colors.

– Furthermore, it blurs irregularities and defects in the wall. It means small holes left by frames or rough filling, or even slight marks or stains will be very easy to mask.

– It is easily applicable to walls and ceilings.

Matt Finish Paint – The Best Decoration Touch

If you are looking for a feeling of intimacy and softness, this finish gives your interior a certain warmth. It is therefore particularly ideal for underlining or reinforcing a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in a living room.

In spite of its many advantages, matt paint is considered to be more fragile to maintain.  It is not ideal to apply it in a passage room (corridor, stairs), a damp room (kitchen, bathroom), or a children’s room.

To solve this problem, manufacturers have come up with matt paints that are washable. They are therefore applicable in all dry rooms in the house.

What Paint Hides Imperfections Best – Application Advice

– It is best to use a suitable roller to apply the paint in the best conditions and thus obtain an optimum result.

– You should apply an undercoat before using a matt paint.

Choosing a Matte Paint

There is a large choice of paints available to you:

– Acrylic paint for decoration or filling

– Emulsion alkyd paint

– For routine work

– Depolluting paint

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